About Sundey

I know how scary & overwhelming it can be to start and operate your own travel business. You want a travel business that allows you to give the gift of dreams realized. You want to give your clients the amazing experiences that travel has to offer, but the sheer amount of information about starting your own travel business and becoming a travel agent is enough for you to slam your laptop shut and give up. Maybe you’ve even pulled the trigger and signed up with a host agency but quickly realized becoming a travel agent is not the same thing as launching a business. You haven’t had one sale or person to book after numerous requests for people asking you to provide quotes

I know that feeling of disappointment you’re feeling because you simply can not figure out what you’re doing wrong. You are tired of trying to figure out how to put all the pieces together on your own, spinning your wheels and wasting your time and losing money.

I became an online business coach just to help people like you cut through the maze and become travelpreneurs. I help passionate people who want to start a travel business by providing step-by-step coaching and training on how to launch and operate a travel business that gives you the freedom to pursue your dreams..

Launching a travel business does not have to be confusing Or hard!

I help my clients identify a specialty focused around their personal passions, develop systems and processes to attract their own client on auto-pilot and help them implement marketing strategies for maximum sales.

You’ve forced me out of my comfort zon on so many levels. I have learned that I cannot fear charging my worth and that my ideal client is out there but you must bring them out with a stellar offer. Sundey Gardner you pushed me and your guidance helped me throughout. Thank you so much.

Pachet Spates

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